Study with Jen!

The Viola Studio of Jennifer Drake

Jennifer teaches lessons 7 days a week. Her viola studio is located at 684a 9th Street, at the corner of Franklin and 9th, in the north end of Boise. Jen teaches beginners, intermediate and advanced level students.

If you are a public school student, it is required that you participate in your school’s orchestra program. Without this regular orchestra experience, it is very difficult to be a successful musician.

Lessons are $25 for 30 minutes, $35 for 45 minutes and $45 for 60 minutes.  You can pay for lessons by the month, or each week. Cash is appreciated, but checks and Venmo are accepted.

You are required to pay for lessons that are missed because you didn’t let me know you were going to be absent. My schedule is very full, and I can always fill a lesson slot.

Send an e mail to Jen at to sign up for lessons!


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