UPDATE for 2021 Viola Camp! 

First, the good news! Viola Camp 2021 is HAPPENING! 
Viola Camp 2021 will be an overnight camp in McCall. It is MANDATORY that students are vaccinated. If there is a legitimate, medical reason you cannot be vaccinated, we can talk about it and decide is Viola Camp 2021 is right for you and the other campers. We will be following CDC guidelines about hygiene, physical distancing and masking.  
Viola Camp 2021 will feature many of the same great musical and recreational activities campers have grown to know and love. Each day will include lots of music making, outdoor activities, friendship and fun! 
We will be capping the number of students at camp for safety. There are still 3 spots left, so please let your friends know to sign up ASAP.  
Please let me know if you have any questions! 

Idaho Viola Camp is a casual, musically satisfying camp for violists entering the 8th grade and older. Students and faculty all camp together at Ponderosa State Park in McCall, Idaho. Musical activities are held at McCall Congregational Church. Students participate in large and small viola ensembles, yoga, individual practice, an outdoor concert, and more. There are daily outdoor activities, including hikes, swimming, canoeing and campfires. Because of the unique nature of the camp, and of violists everywhere, Idaho Viola Camp provides a strong, supportive community, creating friendships that last a lifetime.

The 2021 camp runs from August 1-7. More details about meeting times for carpools to McCall, where to check in, and final concert time and location will be announced as we get closer to camp.

Scholarships are extremely limited. Please check with other resources (your school, family friends, etc) before asking for a scholarship to Viola Camp. Many faculty donate hours of their time and energy to making the camp happen, and every scholarship given out is subsidized by these hardworking individuals.


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