Packing List

Try not to overpack. Space is limited. Put your name on everything.


Folding music stand

A three ring binder. We will hole punch and put the music we are performing to help avoid “… dropped your music”

1 roll scotch tape


Water bottle-PUT YOUR NAME ON IT. Bring this with you to the church.

Tent (if you’ve been assigned to bring one)

Sleeping bag

Sleeping pad


Big garbage bag to store things in case of rain


Bug Spray


Folding camp chair

Small recreational items                                                                                                                   (Frisbee, cards, game you think would be fun with a bunch of people)

Clothes – we wear our T-shirts for our final performance.

It WILL be cold at night. Bring something warm. Really. It got down to 37 degrees last year. You might want to pack a hat to sleep in. Or a nice hooded sweatshirt.

Shoes good for hiking

A swimsuit suitable for active beach fun, hot springs and extreme canoeing!


Toiletries. There are showers! But you will probably also want flip flops….

Hand sanitizer

Any medications you take. I expect you will self-monitor this.

Spending cash. There is a little time most days to hang out in McCall, so if you want a souvenir, ice cream, or a sketchy ceramic kitten from the thrift store, bring money for that. $30 should cover it. Save a few dollars for lunch on Saturday. Unless you want a McCall T shirt, which run about $30. Most of your meals and activities are paid for, including our final day breakfast! 


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