A typical day at Viola Camp goes something like this

8am Wake up/Breakfast

9:00 Morning Yoga with Emily!

9:20 Group warm up/Technique

10:00 Large Ensemble

11:15 Small Ensemble

12:30 Lunch Hour

1:30 Activity! (swimming, craft, planning for Skit Night)

3:00 Individual practice

3:30 Small Ensembles

5:00 Large Ensemble

6:00 Dinner

7:00 Evening activity

9:00 Campfire!!

10:00 Quiet Hours. You just have to be quiet. You can be getting ready for bed, sitting quietly at the fire, talking quietly in your tent

11:00 You should actually be sleeping by this time. You’ll have no problem with this by the second day of camp.

There is a lot of flexibility of the daily schedule, depending on the needs of the group as a whole. Some days will be more intense than others, but this is the basic format.

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