Campers enjoyed a day full of rehearsals, T shirt decorating and hot springs today. Pictures are coming soon: the Internet service and cell service are pretty questionable in the McCall area!

Viola Power!


Day 2

Today was a very busy day at camp! Before breakfast, a dedicated group of students enjoyed a CrossFit workout, planned by veteran camper Jack P. We then headed to a intense morning of rehearsal. The campers are working very hard to prepare for our Ponderosa Park concert, which takes place on Thursday at 7pm.

After lunch, we took a well deserved break to spend time at the beach. The rest of the afternoon was spent in rehearsal, followed by yoga. The evening was free time. Students spent time at the beach, playing badminton, sitting around the fire and just hanging out.

Tomorrow, we spend much of the day in rehearsal, followed with an adventure to Gold Fork Hot Springs. Check back for more pictures and stories!

As a reminder, our final concert is in Boise at 2pm at The Summit Church.

Game time


Top of the hike


Camp photos!

Day 1!

Our first full day at camp is off to a great start! Students have spent time exercising, doing yoga, learning about how to self-manage and playing lots of music! A big highlight for this year is the William Tell Overture.

After our large ensemble time together, students broke up into smaller groups to learn pieces geared to their specific level. These smaller groups provide individual attention and challenge students to develop their technique and musicality.

Pictures coming soon!

Ludwig Van!