Happy Friday before Viola Camp!


1) Items to remember to pack!
2) Road closures and route planning
3) Updates during camp
4) Contact information and locations
5) Driver information
6) Electronics at camp
7) Concert schedule
8) Tents
9) Release form and insurance card

!) These are the top items to be overlooked when packing for camp: music stand, t-shirt for decorating, 3 ring binder, pencils, swimsuit, towel, pillow, sleeping pad. Also, if you have extra or old strings, pack them as well. Don’t forget your viola! 😉

2) I am aware of the situation with Highway 55. I will make a decision about which route we will take to get to McCall after consulting the ITD website Sunday morning.

3) During camp, the website will be updated frequently with pictures and stories about what we are doing. Visit http://www.idahoviolacamp.com for updates!

4) Most camper have cell phones. Sometimes, cell service in McCall can be questionable. If you have tried calling your camper, and they have not gotten back with you, send me an e mail or text, and I will help you connect.
We will be camping at Ponderosa State Park, campsites 102, 104 and 105.
During the day, we are at Our Savior Lutheran Church. (This is a different location from last year)
My phone # is 208 761 5861. A text is generally more effective than a voicemail, because of the odd phone service in McCall.

5) DRIVERS: You will receive a set of instructions on Sunday. Mostly, they concern what to do when we get to Ponderosa (go to the visitors center!) and where we will stop for a bathroom break on the way to McCall.

6) One point of camp is to get away from most of the everyday things we deal with, including electronics/internet/technology. However, if using an iPod quietly at night, or reading a book on your Kindle is a relaxing thing for you, that is OK. Do keep in mind we are camping, and whatever you bring will probably get wet, so take precautions, and don’t bring anything very valuable. Electronics are only allowed during free time. If you are using electronics an inordinate amount, they will be confiscated.

7) We have 3 performances.
The first is a very informal performance at the UCC church for the Adult Chamber Music camp on Tuesday around noon. (The UCC church is our regular home. We will be back there next year)
The second performance is Thursday at 7PM at the Ponderosa State Park Amplitheater
Our third performance is Saturday at 2PM at The Summit Church. This concert showcases everything we learned during the week, and will last about 80 minutes.

8) If you have offered a tent, we will need it. Please make sure you have some idea how to set it up.

9) Please have a copy of your insurance card and release form ready to go. viola_camp_release_form,  You can also scan and e mail these to me. The cutoff for scan and e mail forms in Saturday at 11:59PM.

Thank you! Looking forward to seeing you Sunday at 1PM at The Summit Church for check in!

Jennifer Drake

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