Hello, happy Viola Camp Family


1) Revised meeting time and date clarification
2) Community Items
3) Hosting students from out of town
4) Call for drivers and tents
5) MANDATORY response to this e mail! 🙂

1) Our REVISED meeting time is now 1:00 at The Summit Church on SUNDAY August 12th. (Overland and 5 mile)

2) Here is our list of community items. Please bring these with you to camp check in. There will be coolers for perishable items. Non perishables can be packed with your things and organized when we get to McCall

Barra $20
Lachlan $20
Grace L. 4 16oz cans of refried beans, large packages of corn and flour tortillas
Madyson 4 boxes of cereal, 2 small propane canisters for Coleman stove
Sienna silverware/cups, snack for 40, case of water
Sara M 2lbs each of turkey and cheese for sandwiches, 2 loaves of bread
Anaise Flammable paper plates, bowls (160), cashews and almonds
Sarina 2lbs each of roast beef and ham, 2 loaves of bread, 1 case of water, 2 bags of ice
Luan 2 packages of veggie burgers, 6 pack paper towels, case of water
Amanda Large bag of pancake mix, syrup, butter, and snack for 40
Nina 4 large bags of noodles, cheese and tomato sauce for noodles
Bailey 2 big frozen lasagnas
Ashley H 2 bags of shredded lettuce, 3 containers of salad and 3 salad dressings
Trina 3 large cans of chili (1 vegetarian), 3 bags of corn chips
Morgan 4 boxes of cereal, one gallon of milk (freeze before bringing to check in), 10 trash bags
Alice Z 5 lbs shredded cheese, 5 large tomatoes, 2 onions
Jack 15lbs of potatoes, aluminum foli, sour cream and butter
Brooke 2 loaves of bread, 1 large ketchup, mustard and 2 mayo of the “squirt” variety
Lydia 25 hamburgers and buns
Bella 25 hamburgers and buns
Nick 2 big frozen lasagnas, 4 frozen garlic bread
Carl 2 boxes instant oatmeal (flavored!), 2 gallons of milk (frozen)
Ashley B 4 bags of chips, snack for 40
Katie 2 cans sliced olives, 2 lbs turkey and cheese for sandwiches
Emily S’more supplies! 3 small propane canisters
Audrey 40 hot dogs and buns, snack for 40, 2 bags of ice
Nate 40 hot dogs and buns, snack for 40, 2 bags of ice
Grace R snack for 40, red meat alternatives for hot dogs, large bag of fruit
Isabelle snack for 40, 200 quart sized ziplocs
Josie snack for 40, case of water, 2 bags of chips
Dan 1 large pack of flour tortillas, 1 bottle of Pam cooking spray, snack for 40

3) We still need a host for a male camper. This would involve the camper staying Friday and Saturday before camp, and the Saturday night after camp. I will handle airport pick up, etc.

4) Many of you have responded about driving up to McCall, or back from McCall. You will be needed, so thank you! Also, everyone who has responded about your large tent, they are also needed.

5) I need to know that you are receiving and READING the emails, so please respond to this e mail with the word “Telemann!” as the subject. Even if you don’t have any questions or statements.

Thank you all so much! Looking forward to seeing you all on SUNDAY August 12th at 1:00PM at The Summit Church.

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