Hello, Viola Camp 2012!


1) Medical Release Form
2) Payment
3) Packing list
4) Check in
5) Carpools/Travel from outside Idaho
6) Dietary concerns
7) Community items
8) Tent requests

Welcome to Viola Camp 2012! Things are buzzing here at Camp Headquarters, as we prepare for the largest camp yet. Please read the e mail carefully, as many questions will be answered at this time.

1) FORMS: Please fill out the release form attached, and bring it to Check In on Saturday, August 12. Please also make a copy of your students health insurance card to bring to check in.

2) PAYMENT: I have received deposits and payments from several of you! Thank you! If you have not paid yet, payment will be due at check in.The cost us $250. Checks payable to Idaho Viola Camp or cash will be accepted. Cash is great, because there are many things to pay for while at camp that work on a cash only basis, such as the hot springs, or our canoe rentals.

3) PACKING LIST: Available at https://idahoviolacamp.com/packing-list/

4) CHECK IN: Check in and final concert will take place at The Summit Church, 10375 Overland Road, Boise.
Check in takes place from 2:00-2:30 on August 12th. There will be a table inside the main doors for check in. Please turn in forms and payment at this time.
The final concert takes place at 2:00PM on August 18th. This is also at THe Summit Church

5) CARPOOLS: We will need drivers both to McCall on August 12th and from McCall on August 18th Please let me know if you can drive to or from McCall and how many campers you can take. Include space for camping gear and instruments.
If you are planning to meet the group in McCall, contact me so I can let you know where and when to meet the group.
If you need carpool assistance from an area outside of Boise (eg, Twin Falls), let me know, and I can get you in touch with other campers from your area.
If you are driving campers home from McCall, we will be packing starting at 9:30, with a departure time of 10:30.

6) Please let me know right away if your camper has any dietary restrictions.

7) Everyone will be assigned a community food item and another item (such as paper plates) to bring. If you have a surplus of something used for camping (trash bags, plastic forks, small propane tanks), let me know! You will receive community item assignments early next week.

8) Many of you have let me know about tents and gear you have. I will let you know early next week if we need your tent. Tents that “sleep 6” or more will definitely be used.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have!

Jennifer Drake
Idaho Viola Camp

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